Happy Thanksgiving!

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is almost here, 2019 is flying by. Here are some tips to help you make a few healthier choices for this holiday.

Now, we aren’t going to kid ourselves into thinking this is the time to eat healthy, because, let’s be honest, we’re not. However, you can make a few healthier choices during this time to keep you on track.

  • Eat smaller portions of food at a time. Use a small plate to enjoy your favorites on this holiday.
  • Have dessert; maybe sample small slices of whichever desserts you like. This way you’re not depriving yourself.
  • Make sure to savor every bite and chew slowly. This gives your body time to signal when it is full.
  • Truly enjoy spending this time with loved ones!!

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and Happy Black Friday shopping!!

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