The Positivity Charge Conference 2019

I had the pleasure of attending The Positivity Charge Conference on August 18th in Philadelphia at the Warwick Hotel.

This was my very first conference as an invited “influencer” where I was given VIP status and a swag bag. YAY!!

The conference started with oatmeal from The Soulfull Project, iced coffee from Saxbys, and mocktails infused with supplements by Cystex. Then we participated in a yoga session led by Gabriella Dondero of High Energy Fusion Yoga.

Next, I participated in a breakout session featuring two presenters: Elise Museles of Kale and Chocolate and Jalpa Dhaduk of Nourish by JD. Here are some takeaways:

  • Our mood affects our food and vice versa
  • If we are stressed about food, this impacts the effectiveness of our food. So if you eat salads everyday but you are stressed or resentful, then you aren’t necessarily benefitting from all of the nutrients.
  • Always ask yourself, “How do I want to feel?” when interacting with food.
  • There are foods that can help to promote different feelings. For example, if you want to feel happy you want to eat as many colorful foods as possible.
  • SLOW DOWN and enjoy your food. Be present when eating (not watching tv, or on your phone). This will allow you to feel satisfied and prevent you from overeating.
  • Our gut is 80% of our immunity. What we eat has a strong impact on our overall health.
  • Food is fuel for our body and mind; focus on quality over quantity.
  • Best eating plan is to eat 3-4 small meals a day
  • Listen to how your body responds to different foods, what works for someone else may not work for you.
  • Science says we should eat meat 3 times a week. That means 3 meals a week!!
  • Science says we should eat fish 1-2 times a week.
  • Always try to buy organic!
  • Plant-based proteins are best for our bodies.
  • Eat what comes directly from the Earth.
  • Everything from Earth heals us and is BEST for our bodies.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables that are in season. Earth provides us with what we need when we need it.

There was a panel discussion on how to improve the way women are seen in social media and advertising. It’s important for us as women, to help change our narratives so we can send positive, realistic, and empowering messages to younger generations.

Piera Gelardi

We also heard from keynote speaker, Piera Gelardi, founder of Refinery29, who shared her story of how she created her company and how it naturally evolved to show real and bold content that wasn’t being shown in mainstream media. Her overall message was to be true to who you are, in your business and in your messaging.

I had a wonderful time and learned so much! I can’t wait to attend next year.

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