My Struggle…

August 2019

I have to be honest with you. I have been struggling with my fitness journey for the past several months.

Let me explain.

I was so excited after graduating from yoga teacher training that I couldn’t wait to start teaching. So, I jumped right into teaching yoga classes. Now mind you, I was in YTT from September through March, while working my full time job as a 2nd grade teacher. I also coordinated community health information sessions, once a month, through my sorority. I was a BUSY bee!

While I was in yoga training, I did yoga regularly, which helped me with my overall fitness but once I graduated, I took a BREAK, physically and mentally.

I was TIRED!!!

After a few weeks, however,  I tried to start working out regularly because this is what I felt I had to do.

But things felt different for me this time. Other than taking yoga classes, nothing was motivating me to workout regularly. Then, I had to do some self-reflecting.

Teaching Jazzercise circa 2014

I realized, that I struggle with my fitness journey because I know how fit I was when I taught Jazzercise. I always seem to be striving to get back to that point, but why?? Why am I holding on to a version of me from the past? Why am I causing myself so much conflict by holding on to the past?

My body was tired! I was mentally and physically drained.  I was lethargic and just worn out. It was so bad, that I was getting nervous that my lupus might flare up again.

So, in order to get myself out of this slump, I have started to do a few things.

First, I am continuing my fitness journey with more of an open mind. I’m releasing old ideas and starting from where I am right now.

I just started doing Orange Theory and so far I like it.

Second, I am going to continue committing to my personal yoga practice and take different types of yoga classes to help me grow and expand.

Finally, I will start slow and work on being consistent. I will set realistic goals for myself each week and stick with them.

That is all I will focus on for now.

So tell me, are you struggling with starting and/or maintaining a fitness routine? If so, what do you think is holding you back? If not, how do you keep yourself motivated? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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