This is a mantra I find myself going back to when I am feeling vulnerable or nervous or insecure. 

When I first started my yoga training, I really struggled with my “new normal”.  This meant I was doing yoga much more than I was doing my regular workout routine. In my mind, I believed that yoga wasn’t “exercise” and that I still needed to exercise to stay in shape. 

I was trying to fit in Jazzercise, yoga, work, work obligations, yoga homework and requirements, spending time with my family/friends, sorority meetings, sorority health sessions that I was actively putting together…until I started to realize that I wasn’t living my life and that “busyness” was taking over. 

I found that I was busier now than I had ever been when my children were little and my children are now grown and in college! 

I had to check in with myself and figure out why I was doing this to myself. I was struggling with staying “fit” because I didn’t want my lupus to flare if I didn’t continue “working out”.  I felt that exercise made me “acceptable” so if I wasn’t doing it regularly then I felt that I wasn’t enough. 


I began to understand that I had to let some “old” things go in order to make room for “new” things to come into my life. I kept holding on to the past, but we can’t move forward and look back. So, I committed to my yoga training, stopped trying to fit in my aerobic exercise classes, and put in the work to learn and grow in my yoga practice. 

Once I accepted this, I began to realize how many blessings were already in place, waiting to help me along my journey.  There were people in place willing to help carry the load at home and in my sorority. There were opportunities for me to do what I needed to do like study and meet for my yoga training.  I also had time to enjoy my family and friends as well. 

Once I accepted that I had to move away from what was familiar and comfortable, I became more willing to accept moving forward toward the unknown. I trust that everything I have been through has prepared me for what lies ahead of me. 


What are you holding on to that may be keeping you from moving forward?

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