New Beginnings

This blog is a step out of my comfort zone. I am somewhat private and I seldom post on social media. I have always been fascinated at those who share so much of their lives online.

I have realized, that by sharing their lives and stepping out on faith, they have inspired me. I am hoping that by sharing things in my life, I will help to inspire others as well.

I am at a crossroads in my personal and professional life. I have devoted over 25 years to my public education career but I am ready for a change. I am a newly certified yoga teacher and I can’t wait to share this wonderful practice with you. I will also share how I manage to live well with a chronic illness, that for the past 10 years, has been inactive.

This blog will serve as my journal as I move forward not knowing where this road will lead, but trusting that everything will work out the way it is supposed to. 

My intention is to share things I love and enjoy, but mostly to live my life with joy and wellness.

I hope you will come along with me!

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